What Taught Me About First Email Impressions

Did I just send an email with a major typo?

Did I just send an email with a major typo?

I had one rule when I was on

If I saw misspellings, typos or the wrong form of a word (like theyre when he meant to type there,) that personwasno longer a candidate.

Harsh? Yes. But heres my theory.First impressions count. If a person cant spend two minutes proofing their email, they werent overly invested in meeting me in the first place.

I thought of my Match rule after receiving an email from a possible vendor. I was searching for solutions and had asked some pretty specific questions.

When I finally received an email, I noticed a number of typos:

The customer service representative had misspelled the company name. YES. THE COMPANY NAME!

Hewould Randomly capitalize words That didnt need Capitalization.

On the flip side, some words that should have been capitalized were not.

My response was an immediate Im not impressed. If a company couldnt be bothered to spell their company name correctly, how could I trust them as a vendor?

I immediately went from being hot to trot about this company to throwingthem in the undatable pile.

Companies need to realize that good copywriting means more than havinggreat SEOcopy. It also means that all auto responder copy is top notch. All newsletters are proofed. And yes, all customer service emails are free from major typos, they easy-to-read and they address the recipients needs.

Otherwise, your company may also be considered undatable and youll lose the sale.

Dont let this happen to you! Here are some copywriting tips to consider:

- Comb through all of your auto responder content. Do you see any typos or grammatical errors? Can you see ways to make a good email even better? This is a taskyou can do in house, or you can hire a copywriter to help. An outside person can often see opportunities and mistakes you may not notice anymore. Like the Febreeze commercial that talks about being nose-blind, its easy to be content-blind when it comes to your own copy.

- Review your sales teams email correspondence. There are some folks out there who are great talkers, but their emails are full of mistakes. It could be because theyre writing fast and they need to take some additional email time. Or, it could be that they just arent good writers. In that case, you may want to consider other avenues (pre-written templates, hiring an email editor, pairing them with another sales person) to make sure the job is done right.

- Are you a business owner?If you knowthat email writing isnt your strong suit, dont take chances. Hire an assistantwho can write your emails for you (as well as take on other duties.) It may seem like a luxury. Its not. Youll free up time and know that everything is written correctly.

What about you? What do you think when you see an email typo from a vendor? Are you forgiving? Or does it depend on the situation?

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