The advantages of penetration testing for enterprises

Today, cyber security and the success of enterprises are linked closer than we realise. Many entrepreneurs for various reasons believe their IT network is secure, unfortunately the truth is – its actually not! IT networks of all industries are daily exposed to a variety of threats, and in most cases it‘s an easy job for cyber criminals to find access to what they are looking for. In order to minimize such threats optimally, penetration testing is the best way going forward. This kind of testing is the thorough examination of complete IT networks, systems, online shops, websites, and so on, regarding their security capablites against cyberattacks of any kind. Penetration testing (e.g. performed by  is performed by certified IT experts that are highly qualified to conduct system attacks, that are performed in a very controlled fashion on any kind of IT system. The aim of these attacts is to reveal vulnerabilities and file them in a report, and to remove them subsequently.

11 advantages of a penetration test

Tests tailored to your companies needs

Because penetration tests are very precisely adaptable to the conditions on site, they are made up of a variety of individual procedures that are carried out. This is a very important point and brings every business a real advantage in terms of the effective excecution of the testing and the achieving of detailed results. The results of on and off-site penetration testing will bring the highest possible security level to any enterprise.

System failure protection

Any internal or external breach of your IT-network can lead to a complete system shutdown. Penetration tests come with a whole range of scenarios that refect realistic cyber attacks and in this way are able to show possible system deficiencies and offer solutions.

Security of your infrastructure against external threats

Security weaknesses in software, networks or applications can be an open door for external intruders. For most IT security teams, the biggest challenges today come from attacks on an application level. Special testing procedures can find such vulnerbilities in no time and determine how fast real-life attacks would be recognized and removed. The gained knowledge from the testing can be implemented into worst case measures which then are immediatly available in case of a real attack. In this way the consequences can be minimized.

Security of your infrastructure against threats from inside

The threat from inside is very often overlooked and underestimated. Data carriers or files may contain malicious software that infects and spreads within the network. And maybe the distribution of rights has not been controlled sufficiently. Penetration tests can show such weaknesses and IT systems can be secured against these kind of dangers.

Trade secrets are protected

Just one successful hack immediately endangers important data to be stolen, abused or possibly destroyed in the course. These days cyberspionage is a highly lucrative business for cyber criminals. Penetration testing can find back doors and expose weaknesses of your data security.

Need for security is determined

Hackers are always adapting their methods of attack. Determining how good your company’s IT security actually is, is therefore very important. Penetration testing conducted by experts will identify the necessary requirements for the security of your business.

IT security will be up-to-date

Once the penetration test results reveals security requirements, the IT systems can regularly be updated and thus keep it up-to-date.

It saves costs

Every manager will have an idea how much a system shut down or losing data in a breach will cost his company if an attack was successful, beside a lot of nerves. Being unable to work would most probably lead to a loss of business oportunities and perspectives. Regular penetration testing will protect you against financial losses.

IT networks will be extensively tested

Most companies install their IT systems, software or applications once in the beginning, then rarely test them and updates are only done from now and then and typically never really undergo a security test. IT penetration testing will make sure this is done.

Customer protection

Companies are expected to protect their customers against IT-threats initiated from the companies IT services. Malicious bugs, troyans or software are able to spread very rapidly. Malicious software can also be hidden in onlineshops or websites, exactly where your customers or prospects view your content. The results of a penetration test will reveal exactly how safe your customers will be, when making contact to you.

Company protection

Penetration testing is a very good tool for protecting your company’s, your staffs and your customers values. Such tests will play an essential part for your company good reputation and its success. Today in a saturated market, the customer trust is the basis for successful business relationships and will bring an obvious advantage.

Regular penetration testing is a very important tool for the IT security of small and large businesses regarding the world wide growing need for security.